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The Perla kimono is made with viscose material that gives it an ethereal and delicate feeling. This fabric is perfect for sunny days, as it allows the breeze to flow through it, maintaining freshness when worn.
The beautiful embroidery that adorns the front. The flowers in pink and green tones create a striking contrast with the base color of the garment. Coral trim along the neckline and front adds an extra touch of color and structure to the design.
Another detail is the coral-toned bangs at the bottom, which adds movement and a bohemian touch to the piece.
This type of garment would be ideal to wear at festivals, beaches or any outdoor event. It can be combined with a basic outfit underneath, such as a bikini or a simple dress, so that the kimono is the protagonist of the look.





  • Chest Contour 90-94
  • Waist Contour 74-78
  • Hip Contour 94-98

Size S/M

  • Chest Contour 90-99
  • Waist Contour 74-82
  • Hip Contour 94-102

Size M

  • Chest Contour 94-98
  • Waist Contour 78-82
  • Hip Contour 98-102

Size M/L

  • Chest Contour 98-106
  • Waist Contour 82-88
  • Hip Contour 102-110

Size L

  • Chest Contour 98-102
  • Waist Contour 82-88
  • Hip Contour 102-106
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